Spyker and General Motors have had a rather rocky relationship in the past and now, it has gotten outright jagged. When the Dutch sports car manufacture purchased the Swedish icon Saab from the American company back in 2009, little did they know that a rollercoaster of anguish and drama would ensue. After numerous financial faults, Saab went deeper and deeper into debt until everything went bust December of last year. Now, Spyker may have cut ties with the Swedish brand but that isn’t stopping them from filing a lawsuit against GM for letting Saab die.

The main man behind the case is Spyker’s own, Victor Muller. According to an Automotive News article, he and his company fully believe GM deserves the lawsuit. “GM’s actions had the direct and intended objective of driving Saab Automobile into bankruptcy, a result of GM’s tortiously interfering,” said Spyker. The “interfering” is in reference to the continual stoppage of usage rights for the 9-4X crossover. At one point, Spyker was in serious talks with Chinese investor Youngman for a buyout but GM would not allow the SUV’s platform and components to be included in the sale of Saab. With the General’s heavy hold on the Chinese market, the company didn’t take to kindly to the thought of another competitor breaking into its turf.

The case is currently in its “build” process. A jury is being asked for so that Spyker can fight for its wanted $3 billion in compensation. GM isn’t too found of the lawsuit say that it is “without merit” and is “hard to believe”.

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Source: AutomotiveNews.com