Ford Motor Company’s Chinese commercial vehicle outfit goes by the name, Jiangling Motors Corporation (JMC) and they recently took a big step in expanding their global market hold. By acquiring the Taiyuan Changan Heavy Truck Company, Ford will now have a hand up in one of the most profitable segments the world has ever created. With the extra help and expertise, JMC will soon update many of their previous vehicles as well as introduce a whole new line of heavy duty haulers to China.

“A strong heavy truck operation like Taiyuan will complement Ford’s existing passenger car and light commercial vehicle operations here in the world’s largest and fastest-growing vehicle market,” said Dave Schoch, chairman and CEO of Ford Motor China. The acquisition was a 100 percent sale as Taiyuan Changan Heavy Truck Company is now entirely a part of Ford. JMC will take care of the integration which should produce an all-new child in 2013. In order to get ready for the expansion, a new $300 million plant will be built in Nanchang, China. Not only is the country one of the largest automobile markets in the world, it is the world’s largest market of the heavy duty truck segment.

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Source: Ford