If you have the scratch to pony up the $400,000 for a Ford GT and you managed to get a complete application in to Ford during the four-week application period then your chances are currently around 1 in 13 of being chosen to possess the new supercar.

Now that the initial order window has ended, Ford announced that almost 500,000 people have visited the FordGT.com virtual build page, with almost 11,000 people expressing serious interest. Of those 11,000, over 6,500 people dotted every I and crossed every T to complete the application process. Some even went so far as to include videos explaining why they should be one of the 500 people chosen to purchase the new Ford. Almost one third of those applications were completed in the last six days of the order period.

Ford is now reviewing applications to determine whom they deem worthy of possessing the sought-after hot rod and will contact the chosen ones in the next 90 days.

Keep your eyes on your email folks, you don’t want to miss your invitation to buy the most exciting American supercar launch of the year.

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