E3 has started, and in the first day we have been bombarded with a total deluge of games. In this avalanche of new gaming experiences we got a few big racing games. The most exciting two announcements include a new trailer for the upcoming Forza 6 video game, and the reveal of an all-new Need for Speed game.

Forza 6’s new trailer and gameplay footage also came with a release date, September 15. Hints about the game from the trailer also include the appearance of dynamic weather, a day-night cycle, 450 “Forzavista” cars, 24 player online multiplayer and 26 game locations. This looks to be a much bigger, faster and better looking Forza Motorsports experience and I can’t wait.

The new Need for Speed game is just as exciting. Simply title Need for Speed, this new entrance into the franchise goes back to the roots of Need for Speed: Underground. There is a ton of customization options with body kits, wheels, hoods, decals, paint and more. Once your car is exactly how you want it, you can then tear around a huge open map that is twice as large as the preview NFS: Rivals video game.

In true NFS fashion, the game looks to capture that visceral sense of speed, and you drive around completing daring and dangerous driving moves, lots of drifts, and of course you have to outrun the cops. With a wild world, lots of cars and plenty of ways to have fun, this looks to be the arcade racer of the year.