Customers of Shanghai, China now have an extra bit of piece-of-mind as General Motors announced OnStar equipped vehicles will come with “Remote Ignition Block” (RIB). Created as a bulwark against vehicle thefts, the service allows for representatives to remotely cut the tie between the ignition system and the engine. If stolen, owners will be able to contact OnStar who will then disable vehicle starting until notified of a full recovery.

“RIB provides a robust safety mechanism for customers to retrieve their stolen vehicles more quickly and safely, while providing assistance to cars owner and police,” said Diane Jurgens, managing director of Shanghai OnStar. Available now for a large portion of OnStar equipped cars and trucks, Remote Ignition Block is included as a part of existing service packages. The system comes at no extra cost and is an extension of the Stolen Vehicle Location service. OnStar will be working directly with the Shanghai police to ensure that any stolen GM product will not stay that way for very long.

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Source: General Motors