In 2012, the first all-electric Honda Fit made its way into the hands of the American consumer and in the months following, the EV started to find new homes in California and Oregon via “competitive” lease programs. By mid 2013 however, the automaker drastically cut down the cost-to-lease price and by 2015, the car was no longer available to the public. That is, until this week.

Launched on Monday, Honda will once again offer the Fit EV for lease with all-new options for current and prospective customers. What was initially a three year program is now two-years but at a much reduced cost. The monthly payment for a Fit EV is now just $199 compared to $259 which, in late 2012, was $389. The new program includes the same unlimited mileage, routine maintenance and collision coverage that were included in the May 2013 revision and is available to both current EV owners looking to keep their Fits, and consumers shopping the “pre-owned” electric-vehicle classifieds.

“Most Fit EV drivers tell us they love their vehicles, and many have requested lease extensions and this extended lease program is intended to meet their needs,” said Steve Center, vice president of the Environmental Business Development Office, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

The actual mechanics of the Fit EV have remained unchanged with a lithium-ion battery pack powering an electric traction motor. The EPA mile-per-gallon equivalent rating of 118 MPGe and driving range of 82 miles still hold true. Fit EVs were leased to Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, and New Jersey as well as California and Oregon.

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