Spork Marketing has once again made a nice little infographic comparing two new vehicles, and this time they are tackling trucks. Honda Parts Online and the parts department at Olathe Toyota have commissioned a graphic comparing the 2017 Ridgeline and the 2017 Tacoma. If you look solely at the specs that matter to a truck, the Tacoma seems like a clear winner over the Honda. The Tacoma has a higher payload, higher tow rating, real 4WD, and it’s cheaper than the Ridgeline. The Ridgeline, though, does have a slight advantage in fuel economy, power, 0-60 time, and bed length.

The key argument for the Ridgeline is the fact that it’s car based and more comfortable. “A purely spec-based comparison doesn’t address the Ridgeline’s comfort, high quality interior, or competent road manners” says Gib Goodrich, the Director at HondaPartsOnline.net. Tom Blackman at Parts.OlatheToyota.com fires back by saying “…the fact is that the Ridgeline wasn’t a sales success because it wasn’t very capable.”

While the two trucks might be two different animals when it comes to specs and comfort, both Blackman and Goodrich agree that the Tacoma and Ridgeline are the two best trucks in the segment. Although they technically occupy the same segment, the Ridgeline is certainly a different style of truck than anything else it competes against. Basing your truck on a car platform with AWD instead of 4WD and then making comfort top priority is not something everyone can agree on is best for a truck, but we’ll see what the consumer thinks once the first sales numbers come in.


Written by: Justin Davis