For some drivers, factory headlights make a huge difference in the decision to purchase a car. Count me in with that group. As I get older – some might say I’m already old – I find that I prefer the brightest factory headlights possible.

On that note, if I were in the market for a new three-row crossover then the new Mazda CX-9 would probably earn a very high spot in my culling of choices given their latest announcement of standard LED headlights for all trims.

For 2016, the CX-9 will feature a new LED headlight design that is 35 percent brighter than the past halogen headlights. Because LED headlights take up so much less room, Mazda has also been able to make the entire unit smaller, lending the CX-9’s new face more than a passing familial resemblance to other cars in the manufacturer’s paddock, a good thing in my book.

To the rear of the vehicle, all trim levels also feature LED taillights. If you decide you want to up-size your trim package to Grand Touring or Signature status then you’ll also get an interior jam-packed with a full compliment of LED lights.

Combine all of this together and I venture to say that even if I didn’t have a love for most of Mazda’s cars as a general rule, the CX-9 Signature would be a serious contender for me in the crossover category when it arrives this summer.

It strikes all the right chords in all the right places.


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