It seems that Mazda’s recent sales surge from its small crossovers has pushed to company to make a new one. Dubbed the CX-4, we expect this machine to be one of those silly “coupe-like” crossovers that will slot in nicely between the current CX-3 and CX-5. The new five-door is coming to the Beijing Auto Show in a few months, but Mazda decided to give us an early tease.

Mazda only teased the CX-4 with one photo, so we are short on details, but it says that the CX-4 “is a new type of crossover SUV designed to help customers live more creative lives.” Not sure what that means beyond marketing mumbo jumbo, but we are always happy to be surprised.

Since this new model should slot between the CX-3 and the CX-5, we expect it to split features from both crossovers, such as the CX-3’s “Active Driving Display” or the CX-5’s sleek interior design. Mazda’s stylish new crossover will come standard with SKYACTIV Technology, and will more than likely boast MPG numbers in the mid to high thirties. That alone could make this another big-seller for the Japanese company.

We are still a long way off from the auto show, so we expect more details to leak before this new CUV is officially unveiled. Keep it locked here on to catch all the news as we get it.

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Written by: Brendan Chase