Dirty or malfunctioning IACV (Idle Air Control Valve) is one of the causes of your car's idle problems. Hopefuly this procedure will help you clean out the IACV easily.

Tools needed:

10 and 12 mm sockets
3 inch socket extension
universal joint (swivel pivot socket thing)
12-inch rachet (a short rachet may not work – need something to apply a lot of torque to loosen the bolts
Philip's screwdriver
throttle body cleaner

1. Unplug the 4 connectors from the IAC assembly. Undo the hose that connects teh IAC to the intake assembly.

2. The metal bracket holding up the gray-colored connector is blocking one of the IAC mounting bolts. Using a 10mm socket, remove the bolt that holds the metal bracket. The bolt is just below the purple connector – you have to twist your head and crane your neck around to see the bolt.

3. Remove the 3 mounting bolts using the 12mm socket. The lowest bolt may require the Universal joint.

4. Pull out your IAC valve and clean it w/throttle body cleaner, rag, and old toothbrush.

You may even want to separate the plastic valve to clean it more thoroughly. Use a philip's head screwdriver, but make sure it is a snug fight. It's on there tight and if you don't have a good fitting screwdriver, you could ruin the screw head.

Reinstallation is just the reverse of these steps. It may be easier access to the IAC if you remove the whole air intake assembly, but it's not necessary.