This is one of the most desired modifications to dress up your engine bay. These battery covers are available exclusively at Max4Speed Ebay Auctions

  • Remove the existing piece of molding which is mounted onto the brake fluid section of the firewall.

  • Trim the 1/4" rib on the left completely off (refer to pictures) please measure the size of the area and trip it accordingly. There is no set rule here, trim till it works.

  • Remove the plastic plug. Using a flat-head screw driver wrapped in cloth would be a good idea.

  • The pictures show the trimmed battery cover fitted in the brake fluid compartment. The cover requires no additional trimming. Notice that the left side of the cover sits on top of the 2 bushings, providing a secure placement. Install the provided plastic plug into the lower right to secure the cover.

Enjoy Showing off your RHD Battery Cover!