Hyundai has knocked out one more victory for the world of alternative fuels. Today the company has announced that its total public collection of Tucson Fuel Cell vehicles have racked up a cumulative one-million miles. There are close to 100 Tucson Fuel Cells on the road, so that is only 10k miles per owner, but it still represents a big milestone on the path to a future without gasoline.

Hydrogen cars are still in their infancy, and every manufacturer that gets out there and makes a new car, and every new car that starts racking up the miles like these Tucsons, brings us ever closer to a cleaner greener future. While hybrids and EVs are interesting, I personally want to see fuel cells take off in a major way. The fact that I can fill it up from a pump in a few minutes and carry about my journey is a pretty important thing to me, so I am happy to see success in this market.

Keep up the good work Hyundai.