If you missed the news scattered across the web, today is the 20th anniversary of Ayrton Senna’s death at the San Marino Grand Prix. That racing weekend was one of the deadliest in F1 history with two drivers losing their lives in just as many days, but it sparked a full rethinking of race safety. Since that tragic weekend, not a single F1 driver has lost their life.

To celebrate Ayrton, and his incredible driving talents, McLaren has released this fancy infographic covering one of his most memorable laps and races of all time; the European Grand Prix at Donnington.

McLaren has also released a video featuring Senna describing his experiences at one of his best qualifying sessions ever, the 1988 Monaco Grand Prix.

If you are interested in even more Senna knowledge and footage, I highly recommend the documentary film, Senna. It can be seen for free on Netflix if you are a subscriber.


1993 European Grand Prix [infographic] #RememberSenna
Source: McLaren.com