Oh yeah, it’s time to take another dive into Forza Motorsport 6 to check out a new car pack, and this one takes a sharp dive into the world of child-like fun and nostalgia. The Hot Wheels Car Pack features some of the latest and greatest machines from today’s automotive world like the McLaren P1 GTR and the new Camaro SS, but it also features a pair of special Hot Wheels cars that have been recreated and loving crafted in the Forza world from their die-cast origins. While one is merely a special Mustang, it still has that special Hot Wheels flair to it, the real exciting machine in this pack is the 2011 Hot Wheels Bone Shaker.

It’s basically an old Ford truck rat-rod with a huge skull where the grille is supposed to go, and it’s painted with flames all down the side. The eight velocity stacks bursting through the hood and the matching eight side-exit exhaust pipes just add to the menace and visual magic.

If you are a slightly more boring person, you will also be happy to hear that the Ford Focus RS and BMW X6 M are included in the car pack as well.

There is also one extra-special goody tucked into this car pack that is sort of glossed over is the 1990 Ferrari 641 F1 car. This is the car that Alain Prost piloted during the epic 1990 struggle between him and Ayrton Senna at McLaren. A pivotal part of F1 history and Senna’s incredible legacy.

You can get all seven cars today for $7. Just fire up your Xbox One and head into the store. Make sure to hit the video to see the cars in action, and head farther down to see photos and information on each car in the pack.

2011 Hot Wheels Bone Shaker
Designed by “Mr. Hot Wheels” Designer Larry Wood, the Bone Shaker is one of a handful of Hot Wheels deemed popular enough to warrant the creation of a real-life version, and now you can drive it in Forza Motorsport 6. Built in 2011 by Picture Car Warehouse, the Bone Shaker carries all the details of the original 1:64 scale model. The trademark skull face with hands gripping the headlights make it clear that this is no run-of-the-mill rat rod. The small-block Chevy motor with headers and straight pipes was built to intimidate in both sound and performance. To show off the interior details and stay true to the original form, the top is open — although closed-top die-cast versions were also made. Inside, creepy details like the skull-topped spine shifter and the skull-and-crossbones steering wheel pair perfectly with the awesome flame-job on the outside.

2011 Hot Wheels Bone Shaker for Forza Motorsport 6

2005 Ford Hot Wheels Mustang
To celebrate 50 years of the iconic Ford pony car, Hot Wheels and specialty-builder Action Vehicle Engineering started with a 2005 Mustang and created this beautiful custom model. The styling is meant to exude emulate a Bosuzoku-style Japanese race car. Featuring huge fender flares, the car’s oil-cooler lines are routed through the empty grill, and its dramatic (and adjustable) spoiler and rear diffuser all contribute to the look. The wheels are one-of-a-kind, built specially for this car. The purple and orange paint colors and carbon-fiber accents make this Mustang pop that much more. Ready for drifting duty or fit for tracking, this one-off build is as collectible as the 1:64 version it inspired.

2005 Ford Hot Wheels Mustang for Forza Motorsport 6

2017 Ford Focus RS
When you consider the fervor over the upcoming release of the latest RS from Ford, the only factor that can beat the hype is the actual car itself. With the Focus RS, Ford cut no corners and is drawing new boundaries for what enthusiasts can expect from the blue oval. Most of all, we can thank them for bringing the RS to America. Turns out Americans do love to drive, and the Focus RS is all about driving. The RS speaks for itself with a barking, raspy burble that harkens to its rally heritage. But don’t worry, the RS is not all talk. Thanks to Ford’s innovative Torque Vectoring Rear Drive Module, power distribution is far more adaptable than ever before. This is just the tip of the iceberg, too; the RS boasts 350hp, aggressive lines, braking that inspires confidence, and an adjustable suspension. As the result of more than two years of development headed by Tyrone Johnson, Ford’s vehicle performance manager, it won’t take much time behind the wheel to justify that “RS” badge. So why not get started now?

2017 Ford Focus RS for Forza Motorsport 6

2015 McLaren P1 GTR
Among elite supercar heritage the name of McLaren stands tall and, at the blistering edge of performances, lives the P1 GTR. Named after the McLaren F1 GTR, which won the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans, the GTR is a race-bred hypercar with clear intent to rule the track. As part of McLaren’s GTR Driver Program, owners can receive training in preparation to participate in exclusive racing events. The GTR brings more power and more downforce, as well as a race-prepared suspension to the hypercar table. Look closely and you will notice the mirrors have been moved to the A-pillars to increase visibility and reduce drag. If you are looking for the ultimate offering from the U.K., look no further, the P1 GTR is here.

2015 McLaren P1 GTR for Forza Motorsport 6

1990 Ferrari #1 Scuderia Ferrari 641
Motorsport history was made in 1990 when racing legend Alain Prost battled McLaren’s Ayrton Senna. There was no love lost between the two as the season shook out with Senna taking pole and winning many races, with Prost beside him on the grid or close behind in second. Prost’s 641 took Ferrari engineering to the next level with electronically-controlled paddle-shifting and the glorious roar of its 680-hp V12 driving the John Barnard-designed chassis. Prost would refer to the 641 as “The best car on the grid.” It was this car that Senna punted off track at Suzuka when he was upset about pole position being on the dirty side of the track; the move would give Senna the driver’s championship that year. Prost’s famous response to the incident? “Motor racing is sport, not war.” While McLaren would also earn the constructor’s championship in 1990 (by a mere 11 points), the battle between Ferrari and McLaren (and its two fiery drivers) would go down in motorsport history as one of the greatest rivalries of all time.

1990 Ferrari #1 Scuderia Ferrari 641 for Forza Motorsport 6

2016 Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport
One way to look at the 2016 Camaro in Super Sport dress is as a hybrid. No, we’re not talking about an electric powerplant; instead, we’re referring to its platform and chassis, which is shared with the Cadillac ATS as well as the Chevy Corvette powertrain that has been combined with its own suspension. That suspension utilizes the impossible to pronounce but easy to appreciate “magnetorheological adjustable dampers.” The package delivers a deep improvement over the already incredible ride that those who have driven a fifth-generation Camaro have come to expect. The retro-body style is now in its seventh year but a close look will reveal a few new creases to define the new model. Overall, the car is slightly smaller on the outside and 200 pounds lighter. Take this pony out for a run to discover what makes this the best Camaro yet.

2016 Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport for Forza Motorsport 6

2015 BMW X6M
At a glance, one might wonder what the intents of the X6M are. It’s too tall to be a sports car, yet its performance is undeniably exciting. The answer lies in the last letter of its designation, “M,” and one drive on most any surface will prove its heritage lies within. This twin- turbo V8-powered version with all-wheel-drive and an eight-speed automatic takes off from the line with the muster of cars half its weight. And, despite it being over 5,000 lbs, it will carve a turn and brake like you expect from any M-class BMW.

2015 BMW X6M for Forza Motorsport 6