I’m sure every one of you has wanted to race in the 24 hours of Le Mans at some point, but that’s not exactly a possibility for most people. Well, if you live in San Francisco, you now have a chance to… sort of. Audi is hosting a “24 Hours of Le Forza” event in downtown San Francisco where 12 teams of professional gamers and Audi fans will race for literally 24 hours in Forza. This whole thing will be streamed on Twitch for those who wish to watch. It should be an interesting race, really. Endurance racing is a grueling sport, and it can’t be easy even if you’re racing virtually. Heck, I can hardly do much more than an hour straight of Forza or Gran Turismo without getting tried, I can’t imagine 24.


The gamers will be wearing full racing suits, helmets, and driving in a legitimate simulator, which will add to the endurance factor much more than just a bunch of dudes sitting on a couch. The winning team will be awarded a trip to Sonoma for a “real-world Audi sports car experience” while the second place team will get a trip to Austin for the Lone Star Le Mans race in September. Third place will get an Xbox One and Forza 6, which isn’t too bad of a prize for 3rd place. If you want to watch the race, it will be on Audi’s Twitch channel June 18th-19th.

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