Alright PC racing fans, your time has finally come. After 10 years of racing on Xbox, Forza Motorsports has officially launched on Windows. Forza 6 Apex is currently just in beta format, but if you have a decent computer capable of gaming with Windows 10, you can get the new beta for free right now.

All you need to do is head to the Windows Store on Windows 10 and hit the download button. The beta is pretty large at nearly 20 GB, so it will take a while to download. Better get started early, and maybe it will be ready for you when you get home from work tonight.

The game itself is a near identical representation of Forza 6 on PC at first glance, but there has been a lot about the gameplay loop and progression system that has changed dramatically. The various “volumes” have changed and the game starts out completely differently. There is also no credits system to be found, but rather each race win will net you a series of medals, one to three, depending on how you did in the race. Once you obtain a certain amount of medals, you unlock certain cars. Rather than requiring the cars to be purchased with in-game currency, they are unlocked purely by your own performance. No need to pick and choose between cars you can afford.

Again, it must be stressed that is all still beta, and everything is subject to change, but at first glance this feels just like a slightly updated Forza 6, and that could be a great thing for PC players. Go download it know, it will give you something fun to do this weekend.