We have more fuel for the rumor fire that Porsche is going to build a spiritual successor to the 928 with the bones of the Panamera, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. The news comes from a Motor1 interview with Porsche North America’s new CEO, Klaus Zellmer. Zellmer straight up stated that the two models that are being demanded for most by Porsche customers is a large, luxury coupe and convertible. Something more akin to the BMW 6 Series or even that Aston Martin Vanquish.

If you really take some time to break down the largest segments in the luxury automobile game, it’s the only area Porsche doesn’t have a competitor. Hopefully that will change soon.

In short, the idea is to take the next generation Panamera, due around late 2017, and use it as a base to create a new coupe and convertible for the brand. Chances are the 928 wouldn’t return, but rather we would just simply have the Panamera Coupe and Panamera Convertible names. Regardless, the thought of a Porsche coupe with a motor in the nose excites me to no end. Add in the available twin-turbo V8 that Porsche already puts in the Panamera and we have a real fight against the BMW M6

Bring it on, Porsche, my body is ready.

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