If you love the incredible machines that Porsche creates, but you want something that is faster and larger than a 911, but not quite as crazy as the 918, you are stuck in a bit of a hole. The Panamera Turbo S makes a fine high-speed cruise missle, but it’s far from a honed supercar like the Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari 488. This hole in the Porsche lineup is soon to be filled if you believe the folks over at CAR magazine in the UK. They claim that Porsche is building a car, code 960, that will fill that $250-$300k price gap.

Now the idea is that this car will be mid-engined, like its competitors, and it will split the performance difference between the 918 and the 911 Turbo S. Expect horsepower numbers to be in excess of 600 horsepower, with weight kept well under the 3,000 pound mark. That would but it about even with its competitors from Ferrari and McLaren with weight, but give the Porsche a slight power advantage. Car says the new engine for this car will be a 3.9-liter flat-eight with a full quartet of turbochargers. That feels a little excessive, but Porsche has done stranger things throughout the decades.

One thing we know about this rumored car is that Porsche filed for, and now owns, the trademark for “960.” Every other piece of information needs to be taken with a large handful of salt. If this rumor has any truth to it at all, expect to hear more later this year as we get closer to Auto Show season again in the fall. Until then, keep it locked on AutoTalk.com and we will be sure to share any nugget of information we happen to stumble across in regards to this new supercar.

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