Well this is good news. Just a few days after the report from Ian Callum that Jaguar would no longer be building wagons, we get word straight from the horse’s mouth that this info is incorrect. Mr. Callum himself jumped onto Twitter to shout that he had been mis-quoted in that news story. Rather than the total death of the wagon in Jaguar’s lineup, Callum said he was talking specifically about the new XE. There will be no five-door XE, but his statement stops there.

So, if you were in love with the larger XF Sportbrake, it seems like that may still be in the cards for future generations, just don’t expect a long-roof iteration of the smallest sedan in the Jaguar family.

It is important to note that this is not a firm confirmation that Jaguar is building a new XF wagon, just a simple statement that not all wagons are dead for the brand. This could be little more than some PR repair after the backlash from the original statement, but only time will tell. Drop us a comment to let us know what you think about all this? Is the lack of an XE wagon bad? Would you care if all wagons were killed off at Jaguar? Or do you believe that the world needs to five-door all the things?

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