Jaguar has brought us some disappointing news, the new Jaguar chassis will not be featured as wagons. Why not Jaguar? We love wagons! Unfortunately for us the United Kingdom, Jaguar’s main market, doesn’t see the need for a wagon and we sure as hell aren’t buying them here in the US. The big wigs don’t think that they’ll be able to compete in the rest of Europe with the German Automakers, who love to build wagons. All of this means that we’re stuck with the plain Jaguar sedans, and while those are exciting, they’re just not a wagon.

The news arrives courtesy of Jaguar’s lead designer Ian Callum. Previous wagons from the brand include the X-Type Estate and the XF-Estate.

Maybe one day we can see the return of an epic turbocharged V6 or throaty V8 wagon. But for now, we’ll just have to live with the sedans and the new SUV that was just debuted. Humor us one day Jaguar, build that V8 wagon. The world needs it.

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