Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has just opened their new Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) technical center in Coventry, England. Their intent in building the new $26 million dollar, 215,000 square foot facility – said to be inspired by F1 engineering centers – is to allow customers to help design their own personalized vehicles in a luxury setting.

JLR’s highest-level customers will receive an invitation to visit the Technical Center Commissioning Suite, where specialists who are trained in all manner of customization will meet them. They will then be treated to a meal designed to compliment the experience, presented by Michelin-starred chef Graham Edwards as a color specialist assists them in choosing a color that best suits their desires, even going so far as to match any item the customer might bring with them.

“We will encourage customers to participate in the design of their own vehicles, to give a real sense of emotional connection to something that they have created; something unique,” says Director of Vehicle Personalization Greg Clark.

Four different sections comprise the facility. Manufacturing, commissioning suite, technical suite and a massive, 129,000 square foot paint facility designed to be one of the most eco-friendly paint shops ever built.

Very close attention to detail is the order of the day, which is to be expected given the spare-no-expense approach of the SVO division. Customers used to such attentions being lavished upon them expect nothing less than the best, and JLR will see to it that those expectations are met and exceeded.

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  1. I didn’t know that Jaguar and Land Rover merged til now lol

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