As we creep closer and closer to the August 19th launch date of F1 2016, the new racing game from Codemasters, we are getting more and more details about what is being done to make this latest iteration stand out from the crowd. Along with the return of the safety car and introduction of the new virtual safety car, Codemasters just announced full 22-car online support for multiplayer races, formation laps, and new manual starts. That means that you have to manage your start on your own without any extra help from a pile of computers, just like the F1 drivers are being forced to do on the grid this year. It’s just one more step to bring players closer to the same action that our favorite drivers experience every weekend.

Along with the news we also get a new gameplay trailer that shows off some of the new hospitality suite and pit lane areas of the game. After a couple of disappointing releases in the series, I have to admit that I am genuinely excited to see what F1 2016 is bringing to the table in regards to new and interesting gameplay experiences.