Land Rover’s most affordable SUV is about to receive a few visual upgrades, making it quite the looker.

Available for 2017 on the Discovery Sport HSE and HSE Lux models, the brand new Dynamic Design Pack follows the latest trend of blacking out all, or most, of the exterior chrome. Aggressively styled bumpers, integrated exhaust tips and some light interior aesthetic changes complete the new devilish look. Judging by pictures, this really works for the compact Disco Sport.

As far as infotainment goes, an optional 10.2” touch screen can be chosen on the option sheet for 2017. Interesting features like swipe and pinch functions, much like an iPhone, are made possible by Land Rover’s own InControl Touch Pro software, which emulates many of the functions of a smartphone. Unfortunately, it does not appear that Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are available at this time, so it remains to be seen how well the proprietary system works.

2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport (1)

Last, but definitely not the least of the news, Land Rover is approaching safety with a triad of new features designed to assist the driver in keeping the rubber on the road.

Lane Keep Assist is Land Rover’s approach to making sure a driver doesn’t wander. Just like many other manufacturers, the Disco’s system keeps an eye on the road’s lane markers and gently assists the driver in remaining in the correct lane.

Driver Condition Monitor watches for driver fatigue signs and then uses visual and audio signals to alert the drowsy pilot.

Lastly – and this is one I’m not sure I’m too fond of – is Intelligent Speed Limiter. By using its cameras, the Disco recognizes traffic signs, figures out what the speed limit is and prompts the driver to accept the new speed. Once the speed has been accepted, the vehicle slows down to match the new speed. It’s a bit unclear how this works, but I would assume this feature is active only when cruise control is being used.

If this sounds like your cup of SUV tea, sales of the new model start in August with a base MSRP of about $37k. Place your order soon, because I doubt this new round of Discos will sit on lots very long.