Deep in the mountains of East Tennessee and North Carolina rests a ribbon of road that is world renowned as one of the best. Drivers travel from all over the world in an attempt to tame US 129, the “Tail of the Dragon.” As for me, the road is a second home. There’s no cell service, there’s nothing to bother you, just a wide array of corners and beautiful scenery. On most weekends you can find large automotive groups that gather enthusiasts to have a great weekend, create new friendships, catch up on old ones, and of course enjoy some spirited driving.

Last weekend a distinct rumble was heard across the mountain at all times as Subaru’s of all shapes and sizes gathered for the event dubbed “Boxer Takeover.” An estimated 300 cars showed up for the main event, with some driving from as far as Canada. Boxer Takeover is well known as one of the largest events of the year, only surpassed by a small handful of other enthusiast group functions.

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If you need to take a break from driving, Boxer Takeover features other activities like a group raffle with prizes that include dyno and tuning time with a reputable shop, car care products, various racing products. In the last year, Tail of the Dragon has received a fair amount of negative attention thanks in part to drivers acting recklessly and pushing beyond their limits. Thankfully the group behind Boxer Takeover has start to implements smart safety measure like driver’s meetings before everyone is turned loose on the mountain, and we are happy to report there were no accidents this year.

Boxer Takeover has only existed since 2011, but it has grown immensely in its first five years. If you own a Subaru, or anything boxer powered, be sure to put this event on your list. If you didn’t get to make it, check out the photo gallery.

Photos courtesy of: Constance Julia Prater