Subaru listened to us… Sort of

Remember when the FR-S/BRZ combo came out a few years ago and everyone’s main issue with the car was how slow it was? Well Subaru announced an update to the 2017 model BRZ that it hopes will solve everyone’s speed complaint! The BRZ is getting a few upgrades in both performance and style. The 2.0 is getting updated with new valves, camshafts and head work to dramatically increase the horsepower by… wait for it… five horses! Yes, you read that right. The 2017 BRZ will now sluggishly pull out of the Subaru dealership with 205 hp and 156 lb-ft of torque! That’s almost enough to pass a Prius on the highway. The biggest performance upgrade to the BRZ is the addition of Brembo calipers and larger rotors so you can stop that flaming 205 hp beast even faster.

Although the performance upgrades sound like they put too much effort for too little return, the 2017 BRZ will get a few cosmetic upgrades so you can at least look pretty while driving under the speed limit. The front bumper has been redesigned with a widened smile for aerodynamics and “stability.” All trims of the 2017 BRZ will receive a fancy aluminum spoiler that will improve the downforce for those tricky 10 mph corners going to the grocery store. The BRZ is also coming in two trim levels: Premium and Limited. The Premium trim is the heavy kid in the class with an enhanced security system and all the entertainment amenities you require because if you’re going slow, you might as well enjoy it. The Limited, however is the chubby kid on a diet, still slow but they are at least putting effort into getting faster.

Of course all joking aside the BRZ is still a blast to drive in the canyons, or the country side, anywhere but a drag strip. I owned my FR-S for two years before giving it up and I’m glad Subaru is at least making an effort to improve the RWD sports coupe everyone needed to see.

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Written by: Trevor Dunlap