Continuing the long-standing tradition of auto manufacturer “special editions” consisting of limited colors and other knick knacks, Subaru has presented the oddly-named 2017 BRZ Series.Yellow at Wicked Big Meet in Stafford Springs, CT.

You read that correctly. I didn’t inadvertently insert a “.” in there. It will, indeed, be called the BRZ Series.Yellow, just like its predecessors, the Series.Blue and Series.Hyperblue. What it amounts to, though, is Just.Another.Color.Variation.

It’s like collecting Hot Wheels. If you’ve ever collected Hot Wheels then you know how it is. You chase down every color and wheel variation, hoping for that rare one that has a limited run of 500, until you get so annoyed that you sell the entire stupid collection to the local flea market guy for pennies on the dollar and walk away from the hobby entirely.

This BRZ is that Hot Wheels on a 1/1 scale. Essentially taking a Series.Hyperblue and changing out the blue stuff, the Series.Yellow gets a Bumblebee-influenced interior with yellow stitching, yellow bits and bobs throughout the primarily black cockpit as well as black wheels. That’s it. It’s just a variation on a theme, and they are making only 500 of them.


The shining little flower in this vibrant color package, which is based on the standard Limited edition, is the new BRZ Performance Package. Optional on other models but standard on the Series.Yellow, Subaru slaps Brembo binders as well as SACHS Performance shocks on all four corners for better go and whoa.

The new color looks to be the exact same as the very limited JDM STi S207, which leads me to believe that we might see a yellow STi in the not-too-distant future if Subaru follows the same pattern as they did with Hyper Blue.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but if it’s anywhere near the price of the Series.Hyperblue, expect it to be somewhere in the ballpark of $30,000 given the addition of the new binders and bounce controllers.

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