Nakajima Aircraft Company. Does that ring a bell? It probably doesn’t for most people. Does Fuji Heavy Industries, Limited (FHI) send off flares in your brain? For some of us it will, because we know what automobile company’s parent corporation we’re talking about. Subaru? Now there’s a name almost everybody knows, and FHI, parent company of Subaru, has apparently realized the power of the name.

FHI has announced that, pending shareholder approval, they will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the company that started as Nakajima Aircraft Company and later became FHI by consolidating all divisions under the arguably most recognizable division name, Subaru, on April 1, 2017, the first day of the company’s new fiscal year.

Some are questioning the wisdom of the switch, but there’s power in the Subaru name. Subaru’s worldwide sales have been on fire for almost five years and I can’t help but think the change to a recognized and trusted name can only help all other divisions of the company.

Plus, it just makes our lives easier, because we no longer to have to explain who Fuji Heavy Industries is when discussing news about Subaru’s upper level operations. So that’s nice.

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