If you are a fan of Fallout 4’s apocalyptic cars and wish you could drive one around, you are about to get your chance. Bethesda and Turn 10 Studios have teamed back up to bring a new car to Forza 6, and it is the Chryslus Rocket 69. This nuclear powered machine features a futuristic look, complete with Jetsons-style bubble top and the kind of tail fins that haven’t been seen since the ’50s.

The new car looks to be fast, and Turn 10 says it will go from “zero to ‘whoa’ in a handful of seconds,” but they haven’t provided any real information on how fast this machine will really be. The only hint we have is in the video below that says it will reach over 200 mph, but it certainly looks wobbly and hard to handle. Of course that doesn’t matter too much. I don’t expect it to be a car that will be driven that often by too many people. I just have a hard time imagining it could ever be competitive with the Ferrari’s and Porsches of the Forza world.

So it looks cool, and it should be fast enough, but that is not the best part. Oh no, the best part is how much it will cost to score this particular machine. If you have ever played Forza 6 or Fallout 4 you get the thing for free. All you have to do is sit back and watch your Xbox Messages for a free download code. That’s it. Best of all, anyone who plays either game between now and the end of April will also be getting the car.

Microsoft does ask for some patience though. They say they are sending out millions of codes, so it could be a week or two before you get yours. If you play your first game after today, they say to expect to wait until early may.