Infiniti has released the pricing for their new 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 in the Q50. It will be replacing Nissan’s venerable VQ series V6 for the mid-trim car. This new engine will also make its way into the new Q60 sport coupe that will be arriving soon. The 3.0-liter will be putting out 300hp and 295 lb-ft of torque in the car for the Premium and Sport trims. A step down from the mighty Red Sport 400, but still enough power to best the segment stalwarts.

Pricing for the Q50 with the 3.0T starts at $39,900 in the Premium trim. Add AWD to that, and you’re looking at $41,900, an increase of $2,000. Move up to the Sport trim, and you’ll have to pay $43,900, and then be prepared to spend $45,900 if you want AWD.

In this competitive segment the pricing certainly matters, as well as the features and equipment you get for that price. The Q50 with the 3.0T has 300hp and is $39,900. If you compare that to say, a BMW 3 Series, you get a 328i with 240hp and only an i4, but it is slightly cheaper at $38,350. If you want more horsepower you’re going to have to look in the direction of the 340i, which costs quite a bit more than the Q50 at $45,800. Then let’s look at a Lexus IS. For a similar price you’re either looking at an IS300, for $39,700, or an IS350, for $40,870. Now, the IS300 is AWD only, but less horsepower at 255, while the IS350 has more horsepower at 306, but still costs more even at the base RWD price. So as you can see, the Q50 is certainly competitive in this price point, and I’d say it’s a better deal than a 3 Series.

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Written by: Justin Davis