Chevrolet has been down at the Nürburgring testing all sorts of new metal lately. While the biggest news was the crash of the fully camo-covered Z/28 last week, Chevy is also testing the new supercharged ZL1. The latest mega-muscle car from Chevy seems to be doing just fine throwing itself at the bumps and curves of the Green Hell, and there is decidedly less crashing involved. Although it looks quite planted, the real attraction here is the sound. Just listen to that LT4 belt out a primal roar. It’s absolutely crazy how good this thing sounds, especially echoing through the hills of Germany.

zl1 ring vid 2

The red car seems to be shifting faster than any I’ve ever heard, so I’d have to guess it has Chevy’s new, lighting-quick 10-speed automatic, while the blue one has the good ol’ six-speed manual.

The best part is this 640-horsepower beast isn’t even the most track focused and Camaro around the ‘Ring. I’m scared to see how quickly the new Z28 will tear up the track, frankly. Just press play to watch these barely disguised slabs of V8 muscle dart and hustle around one of the most demanding stretches of road in the world.

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Written by: Justin Davis