Infiniti is set to reveal its first new Q branded car with the G Sedan-replacing Q50. As a thanks for reaching one-million fans on Facebook, Infiniti has given the world a small teaser trailer for the new car.

The video below shows little more than a view of the new stylized headlamp, along with the date January 14. The headlamp design bears a “hawk’s eye” style that reminds us of the styling of current Subaru Outbacks. The main difference is that Infiniti uses light to create the style and design, rather than Subaru’s usage of the plastic housing. We find it very striking.

Interested parties will be able to watch the reveal live on Facebook, in much the same way GM did its recent truck launch. Look for more info and high-resolution photos here after the reveal. In case you need to be reminded of what the old car looks like, we have included the gallery from our most recent G Sedan review below the video.

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