You may not enjoy the idea of a Jaguar SUV, but that won’t stop it from coming. The British brand that made its name with luxurious sedans and sexy sports cars is moving into the SUV market with new F-Pace. Jaguar is busy preparing this new family-hauler for its introduction at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and they wanted to let everyone know just how hard they are working to make sure the F-Pace can stand up to any conditions.

According to their latest release, Jaguar has been testing the F-Pace in the frozen wasteland of northern Sweden, the sweltering heat of the desert around Dubai, and across various surfaces from sand and ice to gravel. Impressively, they said that cabins of the cars would reach temperatures of 158-degrees when left in the sun. They used these high temps to test the extremes of the climate control system and the electronics.

None of that fanciness will mean anything if the new car isn’t fun to drive. The reveal is just over a month away, and then sales begin next year. We should get our hands on one before then, and that is when the real testing begins.