We’re not sure we’ll even survive our own shenanigans to see our 75th birthday, but Jeep has, and they’re celebrating the milestone by giving the faithful what they’ve been wanting since the first Challenger and Charger Hellcats hit the street.

Witness the Trailcat, the most insane concept Jeep heading to the 50th annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari.

You read that name right, and it’s exactly what you’re thinking it might be. Jeep decided the best way to celebrate three quarters of a century as a company was by shoehorning the ludicrously powerful 707-horsepower Hellcat powerplant into a Wrangler, albeit a fluorescent green Wrangler that’s a foot longer than stock. It’s nuts, and that’s just the way it ought to be.


Climb into the carbon fiber Viper seats, strap yourself in racer-style with 3-inch-wide Corbeau 4-point harnesses and hang on for dear life. While we’re sure this creature is perfectly capable of going blisteringly fast in a straight line, it’s where the pavement ends that’s most important.

Once you get to Moab you can’t just try to launch yourself up The Widow Maker at Ludicrous Speed with horsepower alone. You’re going to need big tires, body protection and some altitude. Jeep Performance Products has it covered with a 2-inch Fox lift, rock rails, steel bumpers and a winch. 17-inch beadlock wheels and crazy, oversized 39.5-inch tires make sure everything stays in contact with Mother Earth, while Dana 60 axles front and rear and a 6-speed manual transmission help keep that monster horsepower under control.

If we make it to 75 we can only hope we are this amazing. It’s worth repeating: A Wrangler. With a Hellcat engine. That’s one happy birthday indeed.


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