The automotive industry released its sales figures for the month of June and as expected, small vehicles are in high demand. Overall, June 2011 was an improvement over June 2010 with total vehicle sales up a solid percentage. Segment wise, cars came out on top as 527,344 were sold compared to 525,904 trucks and 313,254 SUV/Cross-overs. Total cars sales may have been above truck sales, but that still didn’t stop the Ford F-Series from once again claiming top-selling vehicle for the month of June. With 49,618 F-Series trucks sold, its year-to-date total sales for 2011 is 264,079.

One vehicle that was a surprise to see so high on the list was the third ranking Chevrolet Cruze. With 24,896 units sold last month, it helps understand how total small car segment sales were up 15.3 percent from last year. It also shows that people are becoming more ‘turned off’ by large vehicles. Both large car and large SUV sales were down 22.3 and 14.7 percent respectively from June 2010.

In the manufacture wars, General Motors came out first again with 215,335 vehicles sold in June. That was a substantially higher number compared to second ranking Ford at 193,415. Sealing the deal for the Big Three was the third highest selling manufacture for June 2011, Chrysler LLC who sold 120,394 total units. All three were up compared to June 2010.

One manufacture who did not improve over last year was Toyota. Down 21.1 percent compared to June 2010, Toyota only sold 110,937 vehicles last month. Honda also was down from last year by 21.3 percent selling 83,892 total units. On the other side of the import spectrum, Hyundai proved itself as a quality manufacture by increasing its sales by 15.6 percent from June 2010 by selling 59,209 vehicles.

In the United States, five Maybachs were sold during the month of June 2011. That’s up 25 percent from last year’s total of four.

During all 26 selling days for June 2011, a total of 1,053,248 light-duty vehicles were sold in the United States. That is up 7.1 percent from June 2010 and brings the total year-to-date sales for the American automotive industry to 6,332,566. Follow the link below to see the full sales spread sheet.

Source: The Wall Street Journal