It’s the beginning of the first full week of April 2015 which means, the U.S. auto industry has posted its sales figures for March. In total, there were 25 sale days with 1,545,802 cars, trucks, minivans and crossovers purchased new. Of those segments, the “truck” market (which includes crossovers and SUVs) surpassed the traditional car with 815,079 total units sold compared to 730,723. Picking apart the segments even further, the crossover continues to be the American favorite with 371,947 units sold – up 5.3 percent from last March.

Of the manufacturers, General Motors earned first place with 249,875 total vehicles sold. While GM saw a boost in truck sales by 10.4 percent, they experienced a significant drop in car sales – 20.8 percent. Second place, Ford, also witnessed a drop in car sales by 11.6 percent but steady truck purchases helped the manufacturer sell 234,786 total units. The third spot went to Toyota with 225,959 vehicles sold and a 11.5 percent jump in total truck sales.

Despite taking second place in the manufacturer race, Ford once again earned the title “best selling vehicle” with its ever-popular F-Series truck. Even with a 4.6 percent drop in sales compared to last year, the pickup found 67,706 new owners during March, which is 22,513 more than the second place finisher, Chevrolet’s Silverado. March obviously was “truck month” for America as the Ram earned third place with 41,595 varieties sold. The subjective, “most improved” sales award goes to the Chrysler 200 as while its 19,190 buyers isn’t mind-blowing, it’s a 154.8 percent increase in sales compared to last year.

Alfa Romeo’s return to North America continues to find success with 73 4Cs sold in March. Mini, with its new four door variety, experienced a 59.5 percent increase in sales compared to last year with 5,829 total units sold. Because of March and the budding of springtime, there are 93 more Lamborghinis on American roadways and 203 more Ferraris.

Source: WSJ