The Juke R is one of the greatest creations in the automotive world. Some crazy engineers from Nissan took the powertrain of the GT-R supercar and decided to cram under the body shell of the tiny little Juke hatchback. They slapped some mate black paint on it, dropped the suspension, and then gave it a wicked body kit. The result is the coolest skunkworks car that I have ever seen. The only issue with the Juke R is it used an old GT-R drivetrain. That meant 470 horsepower, but the GT-R has become far more powerful since then. Nissan decided that the little hellion deserved a bit of an upgrade after four years, and they ripped out the old engine.

In its place they have stuffed the newest engine from the GT-R Nismo, meaning there is now 600 horsepower on tap.

Beyond the new engine, the Juke R 2.0 is the same car we know and love. It has that same wild body kit, complete with gigantic wing out back, and that same evil black paint.

To celebrate its creation, Nissan took the pocket rocket to the Goodwood Festival of Speed and threw the keys to Jann Mardenborough, one of the company’s LMP1 drivers and GT Academy winners.

Nissan, if you ever need someone to watch after this fun little toy for you, let me know. I’m always happy to help.