Tesla may be in the headlines quite frequently for its Model S electric car, but it was Nissan that really brought EVs to the masses with the Leaf years before the Model S existed. In its drive to push electric cars farther into the mainstream buying public Nissan is doing everything it can to make owning and using an EV as easy and painless as possible. One of the more interesting and welcomed features Nissan is offering Leaf owners is a program called “No Charge to Charge.”

In short, new Leaf owners are given two years of free charging at public charging stations.

Due to the nature of how this program works, it is only available in certain markets, but Nissan is expanding it as much as they can. Case in point, the Minnesota cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. The Twin Cities are the latest areas to receive support with the No Charge to Charge program, and all new Leaf owners can start taking advantage of the service immediately.