In my tiny world of “perfect” automobiles, the 911 sits near the top. The German sports car has long been the benchmark driver’s car for a reason. It is versatile, fast, and rewarding to drive. But as much as I want a 911 to call my own, I don’t just want a regular road-ready 911. I want a rally-prepped machine that can tackle any surface I want to throw it at with reckless abandon. If this sounds like your dream machine too, I know where you can buy a pristine example and do some good for the world at the same time.

Patrick Long, Porsche’s only American team driver, and two-time class-winner at Le Mans, is selling a custom Rally 911. It’s a 1985 model car that is fully prepped for events with a long travel suspension, full roll cage, extra lighting, and a roof mounted cage to hold extra gear for long trips. We can forget about the caged steel bumpers either. Despite the fact it’s not wearing Guards Red paint, this car is basically perfect.

The car is being auctioned off by Sotheby’s Los Angeles, and the proceeds from the sale are going to go to the Autmn Leaves Project, as charity foundation that specializes in pancreatic cancer research. Bidding opens in two days on April 8th. If you want to have a chance to own this thing, you need call Sotheby’s immediately. All bidders must be pre-approved before the auction starts.

If you happen to win, and you want to make a small writer’s dreams come true, just drop me a line. I’d love to drive this thing.