With China’s Youngman out of the game to purchase Saab Automobile, a void was left to be filled. That empty spot appears to be taken as an investor group composed of Chinese National Modern Energy Holdings Ltd. and Japanese Sun Investment have announced an interest in the bankrupt automaker. If the group is given the go-ahead, there more than likely could be a future of electric vehicles stamped with Saab badges.

According to an Automotive News article, the group has created their own company which has been given the name “National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB”. Its sole purpose is buying Saab’s assets and restarting production at the company’s old plant. “We’re interested in what Saab’s brand stands for, the innovation and competence in the company, and the production facility that’s world class,” said Mattias Bergman, a spokesman for the group. Including India’s Mahindra & Mahindra, the Japanese/Chinese investors are apart of the main bidders for the Saab title. As time goes on, the day when the administers of the Swedish carmaker must make a final decision is fast approaching.

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