Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, said in an interview that General Motors recall probe may be expanded to industry-wide review.

McCaskill said she may broaden her look at auto safety problems at General Motors Co. into whether there are systemic recall issues present at other major automakers, orts The Detroit News.

According to McCaskill, she planned to hold another hearing focusing on the role of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and its handling of complaints over several years into ignition switch issues.

“I think we have to have another go-round with NHTSA,” McCaskill said. “Are (NHTSA officials) getting all the technical information? Do they have the proficiency and the resources to absorb it and understand it?”

“It may be we need to look at the recall procedures in other manufacturers, and if there are these kinds of flaws in this process (at GM), then it might be helpful to at least make an inquiry into the other major manufacturers about their processes,” McCaskill said.

Source: The Detroit News