Welcome to #SupercarSunday! Supercar Sunday is a weekly feature here at AutoTalk.com that highlights one of the great supercars in the world, and provides you with a stunning gallery of high-resolution photos.

This week’s chosen car is the all-new Ferrari FXX K. With over 1000 horsepower and more than 660 pound-feet of torque, the Ferrari FXX K is the most powerful car to ever come from Maranello. It should also be the quickest car, but Ferrari has yet to release official figures on acceleration or top speed. Don’t expect to see one running around on the road any time soon though. This car, like all the other “XX” projects form the company, is not road legal. It’s not even race legal. The car can only be driven on a track at special events. Leave it to Ferrari to create such a wonderfully asinine machine.

I want one.