For failing to comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 114, “Theft Protection”, certain Nissan Versa subcompacts will be recalled. The issue surrounds the all-new 2012 model cars manufactured from June 9, 2011 through January 13, 2012. Given the date of this writing, Nissan is already looking into models that have yet to be completed. As of now, there will be approximately 36,608 cars affected, all of which are equipped with the automatic transmission.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), certain Versa models may not have their shifter knobs installed properly. An interference between them and the shifter rod can cause the car to be taken out of park without the brake pedal being depressed. Not only could this cause the brand new car to be shifted inadvertently out of park, increasing the risk of a roll-away, but it also increasing the chance of vehicle theft. The voluntary recall is expected to take place on or around February 20 of this year. Nissan will notify owners and instruct them to have a certified dealership inspect the shifter. If necessary, the shifter knob or entire assembly will be replaced and done so at no extra cost to owners.

Source: NHTSA

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