Quick! Someone Call Christian Von Koenigsegg and tell him to get his ass down to the Nurburgring, mach schnell. After more than a year of limited speeds on the famous Green Hell after a spectator was killed last year, the track has finally been opened back up to full flying laps.

The open speed rules have been put into place once again thanks to some improvements that have been made to the track. Parts of the track have been repaved and new fences have been added in strategic locations that are designed to prevent another tragedy from occurring.

The track speed limits came a pretty awful time for Koenigsegg last year as they were planning on tackling the legendary track with the One:1 with the goal of setting a new track record, finally silencing their competitors in regards to the companies speed and performance. Now that there are no more track limits, we want to see just how fast that Swedish rocket can really go.

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