Due to an issue with the front air bag system, Toyota Motor North America will be issuing a voluntary recall on certain Tacoma pickups. At this point in time, there are approximately 495,470 2005 through 2009 model year trucks affected. If manufactured from September 14, 2004 through August 29, 2008, a Tacoma could be at risk especially if it was driven long and hard.

The issue at hand is exemplified by excess steering wheel vibration. Over time, the clockspring for the driver’s front air bag could get damaged so severely that it will fail to operate properly. A shaking steering wheel can be caused by numerous situations but the usually culprit is uneven tire pressure and or worn front suspension. When shaken so much, the spiral cable assembly can break, illuminating the air bag warning light and ultimately deeming the system inactive. At the end of the day, a Tacoma’s air bag would fail to deploy. Toyota will begin its recall early in April of this year. They will remedy the issue by replacing the spiral clock assembly and do so at no extra cost to owners.

Source: NHTSA

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