Las Vegas: News Over Wireless (NOW) and Beat The Traffic announce a breakthrough partnership to deliver premium vehicle traffic information content on the iPhone and iPod touch.

The market-specific, up-to-the-minute traffic information will be available to users through an “In App purchase” inside iPhone Apps created by NOW for local television stations across the country.

This intelligent content will translate to new revenue opportunities for NOW’s existing station network as well as new station partners.

“NOW’s iPhone Apps are best-in-class apps featuring video, breaking news, weather and are used by millions of consumers already,” said Andre Gueziec, president & CEO of Triangle Software LLC d/b/a Beat the Traffic®. “They allow our premium, actionable traffic information content to reach a large audience of sophisticated users.”

The interface will allow users to browse live color-coded traffic flow/speed maps, incident listings and camera images in participating markets, as well as instant point to point trip times.

“We are excited to offer this exceptional traffic content to our end users in addition to the local content already in our apps.” said Sam Matheny, NOW general manager. “Beat the Traffic® does a wonderful job and this premium information is well suited for our In App Purchase capability. We are the only local news solution provider to offer this important In App Purchase functionality and our station partners are delighted about launching new ways to enrich the user experience and drive revenue.”

NOW is the leading provider of mobile solutions for nearly 150 local and national media companies across the U.S. Station partners have content available via mobile web sites, iPhone applications as well as on-deck applications and video channels with the nation’s largest mobile carriers. Mobile advertising and SMS solutions are also supported by NOW.

Beat the Traffic® and NOW’s parent company, CBC New Media has already been collaborating on’s traffic reporting section, delivering a new level of personalized content to WRAL’s huge online audience in North Carolina.

Beat The Traffic® content for NOW’s iPhone Apps will be launched in the second quarter of 2010.