Volvo has caught the performance bug, the same bug that keeps some of us up until 4 AM carefully planning every purchase and modification for our machines. Well if you’ve got a V40, V60, S60, or XC60, Volvo is helping to make things easier for you with new Polestar performance packages.

Available for each model is a package that turns everything up to 11. You’ll find lightweight wheels, improved suspension and bracing, engine upgrades like a sport air filter and a stainless steel exhaust, followed by enhancements in aerodynamics, as well as a few sport interior pieces. Together they can make a good car a great one. With automakers constantly striving to improve customer satisfaction in the performance of their vehicles, Volvo stepped up to the plate and swung for the fences.

Feel free to browse through the available parts at the Polestar website and then drop a comment to let us know what you think. Do you see any parts that you wish your particular automaker made for your machine?

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