In this day in age, we’re keeping up with everything on our smart phones, staying connected via social media like Facebook, and collaborating with others by crowdsourcing for ideas.

Volvo has taken these trends and somehow rolled them into their On Call application for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Owners of properly equipped late model Volvos can view vital information about their vehicle like fuel level, current location, odometer and trip meter readings, maintenance issues, and security status – even items like windshield washer fluid levels and what bulbs are burnt out.

If an owner forgets where they parked, for instance, they can simply launch the On Call app, locate the car, get directions, and even have the car running and warmed up when they arrive. For all of us OCD owners out there, you can even check that the doors are locked.

While the On Call app works well, Volvo knows improvements can always be made. They’re now taking to Facebook for user-generated ideas and suggestions to make the app even better.

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