Lotus is celebrating an anniversary! What do you do when you throw an anniversary party at a car manufacturer? You give people special paint jobs for a higher price, that’s what.

This isn’t the anniversary of the creation of Lotus. It’s not the anniversary of Colin Chapman’s first, and only, Formula One race as a driver. It’s not even the anniversary of the first Indianapolis-winning mid-engined car, the Lotus 38. Nope. It’s the 50th anniversary of Lotus moving from their second factory in Cheshunt to their current factory at the former RAF Hethel airbase in Norfolk. This may seem like a strange thing to celebrate to many – you don’t see most people celebrating their 10th anniversary of moving from Miami to Boca, after all – but for Lotus it’s a big deal and they want to make the best of it.

If you have a desire to get your Evora 400 in Essex Blue, Motorsport Black or Racing Green, then expect to spend a little bit more for the Hethel Edition because that’s the only way you’ll be able to get those colors from the factory. Depending on which color you choose, you’ll also get a leather or Alcantara interior in either black or red, as well as special lightweight wheels, painted brake calipers and badges marking the special edition.

Reports are that the Hethel package will set you back an extra $5300 over the regular Evora 400 price.

In addition to this paint package, Lotus will be hosting special events and issuing other commemorative products, though at this time details are not available. Watch for more information over the coming months.

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