Canada’s Environment Minister Peter Kent said that the Canadian government will align its transportation-related air pollution emission standards with the more stringent United States proposed Tier 3 standards.

Canada plans to amend its related regulations to align with the United States Tier 3 standards.

The new standards include stricter limits on air pollutant emissions from new cars and light trucks and reductions to the amount of sulphur in gasoline.

“Once fully phased-in, these standards are expected to reduce smog-forming air pollutants from new vehicles by approximately 80% compared to the current Tier 2 standards,” Kent said.

Toyota, Canadian Fuels Association and Global Automakers of Canada have voiced their support for the new standards.

“The Global Automakers of Canada fully support the Government of Canada’s commitment to proceed with Tier 3 emission standards that are aligned with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Tier 3 program,” Global Automakers of Canada President David Adams said.

Adams added: “Through the reduction of sulphur in gasoline from 30 parts per million (ppm) to 10 ppm with a low sulphur cap, the government is reinforcing that a system approach to vehicles and fuels is necessary to maximize emissions reductions for the benefit of Canadians, and will enable automakers to introduce new advanced technologies required to achieve the stringent greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency standards in place now and proposed through to 2025.”

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