The U.S. Energy Department announced a $45 million in 38 grants to accelerate the research and development of vehicle technologies to improve fuel efficiency and lower transportation costs, reports The Detroit News.

“By partnering with universities, private industry and our national labs, the Energy Department is helping to build a strong 21st century transportation sector that cuts harmful pollution, creates jobs and leads to a more sustainable energy future,” said Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. “By improving the fuel economy of our cars and trucks, we can save families and businesses money at the pump and better protect our air and water.”

The U.S. Army is contributing an additional $3 million in co-funding to support projects focused on light weighting and propulsion materials, batteries, fuels and lubricants.

Ford Motor Co. will receive $1.5 million and General Motors Co. will get $1.3 million to develop a new welding technique of aluminum to advanced high strength steel. GM’s project will conducted at its Warren research center and Ford’s in Dearborn.

Chrysler won nearly $600,000 to join die cast magnesium to aluminum alloys and mild and high strength steel.

Separately, Ford won $350,000 for a project to adapt lubricant technologies from turbo machinery for other axle applications.

Delphi Corp. won $1.7 million to develop a phase change heating system for vehicles to reduce energy used for cabin heating in EVs, while Van Buren Township-based Halla Visteon Climate Control won $2.3 million to develop an efficient heating and cooling heat pump system to reduce battery power.

Michigan State’s Composite Vehicle Research Center won $600,000 to demonstrate bonding, repairability and reassembly of materials using thermoplastic adhesives, while the University of Michigan won $600,000 to measure how temperature changes affect advanced cast magnesium alloys.

Source: The Detroit News

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